Things to do in York

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Things to do in York

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We love York and Yorkshire!

York is a historic City nestled in North Yorkshire, packed full of brilliant tourist locations, and just two hours by train from Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Voted as Britain's best place to live by the Sunday Times, it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK.

Plan a day of culture, history, shopping or simply immerse yourself in the winding, cobblestone Snickelways and streets of York.

York has a pedestrianised city centre, full of fantastic cafe's, restaurants, pubs and bars.

This is no ordinary city centre, home to York Minster, the largest of its kind in Europe. York's treasured stone masterpiece will take your breath away.

The Roman city walls proudly encase the York, creating a perfect contrast of modern and old.

Visitors enjoy walking around the town centre and soaking up the past, admiring great architecture and eating out in traditional (sometimes haunted) pubs.

Our places to stay are the perfect retreat at the end of a busy day of exploration.



Best things to do in York

York offers an abundance of places to visit, it's a city that breathes animated history, and you will want to know more and more the longer you stay here.
Firstly, you cannot miss the glorious Minster with its elegant presence, with its criss-cross purposeful footsteps walking past it from morning to dusk.
If you enjoy walking as much as scenic views, the York city walls envelope the city in a protective embrace. They originate from Roman times and make York to be Britain's most complete historic wall. You can walk its full length or choose one or two sections if your legs need warming up.
Located in the city centre itself is the famous Shambles Street, the preserved Elizabethan buildings blinking like eyelids onto the passing tourists down below. Once a street for butchers, it is now a street peppered with beautiful jewellery stores, chocolate shops and various magical stores.
These are just a few of the wonders in store waiting for you, not to mention a plethora of churches, Clifford's tower, the Merchant Adventurers' Hall and more. Best of all, everything is nearby when you stay in one of our self-catering properties in York.