Things to do in York

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We Love York and Yorkshire!

Welcome to York, a captivating city nestled in the picturesque North Yorkshire, England. Renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse attractions, York remains a favourite destination for global travellers.

York is accessible within two hours by train from Leeds, Manchester, and Edinburgh, seamlessly blending historical charm with modern amenities. Celebrated as Britain's top residential area by The Sunday Times, it continues to enchant visitors with its historic allure.

Discover the enchanting ambience of York as you explore its snickelways and cobbled streets. The pedestrian-friendly city centre boasts delightful cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars—ideal for sampling local cuisine and Yorkshire's finest ale.

The grand York Minster, a magnificent example of Gothic architecture, dominates the skyline and is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe, offering a breathtaking experience. The nearby ancient Roman walls provide a scenic walk, connecting historical insights with contemporary life.

York Minster View

Best Things to Do in York

York’s attractions go beyond its streets. Explore various churches, climb Clifford's Tower for panoramic views, and visit the historical Merchant Adventurers' Hall. York is a city rich with history to be uncovered at every corner.

Our self-catering accommodations in York provide a perfect retreat after a day of exploration, located near the city’s most iconic landmarks, offering comfort and convenience close to your next adventure.

Inside York

Stroll down the renowned Shambles Street, a well-preserved Elizabethan street now hosting exquisite jewellery, chocolate shops, and a variety of enchanting stores. The street’s historical charm is the perfect setting for delightful discoveries.

The Shambles

York offers an array of attractions including numerous churches, Clifford’s Tower, the Merchant Adventurers' Hall and more, all conveniently located near our self-catering properties.

York Cityscape

York, a city vibrant with history, captures your heart the longer you stay. Plan your visit now and immerse yourself in the charm, culture, and unforgettable experiences awaiting you in York, England.