ID Verification

ID Verification Benefits

  • ID verification enables us to provide contactless check-in and maintain competitive pricing.

Partnership with OwnerRez Inc.

Book York Ltd collaborates with OwnerRez Inc. to securely store data. The OwnerRez technology team comprises numerous software experts with extensive experience in web services. They have implemented robust security measures across each system to optimise security and performance. The ongoing collaboration with external parties ensures continuous enhancement of their security infrastructure, making it resistant to external threats. Learn more.

Access to Your Verification Data

Both Book York Ltd and OwnerRez, Inc. have access to the information you submit.

How to Upload Your ID

Before starting the verification process, ensure you have a valid government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the reservation and is not expired. Use a mobile device for better photo quality.

  • Capture a clear image without glare and ensure the lighting is even without strong shadows.
  • Do not obstruct any part of the ID in the image; laying it flat is ideal.

Why Verify Your ID?

Identity verification ensures the authenticity of each reservation, prevents unauthorized actions, and protects against identity fraud. This process supports our contactless check-in and is a part of our terms to ensure both parties' safety and accountability.

Managing Your Verification Data

After your stay, you may request the deletion of your verification data by contacting us as detailed in our Privacy Policy.